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Family Counselling

Family Counselling

BGF conducts free counseling centers at number of places for broken families. Such counseling’s have saved many people and with God’s grace most of them are living together in peace. Family Counseling attempt to clarify questions pertaining to marriage, family, and other close personal relationships. Those needing help can come alone, in couples, or as a family.

Besides offering counseling, BGF acts as mediators in family disputes and also provide guidance and training to those working with families. Family counselors are sworn to absolute secrecy.

Counseling has helped many lives in many ways viz.:

  • how to understand and manage a wide range of emotional difficulties
  • communication with partners, children/youth, parents and others
  • communication with partners, children/youth, parents and others
  • skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • developing more meaningful and useful community connections
  • dealing with relationship conflicts
  • adjusting to the immigration and refugee experience
  • coping with trauma which may include sexual or physical abuse, neglect and violence and witnessing traumatic events


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