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TV Ministry

TV Ministry

Media has always been an influential way of impacting life of people. Whatever change we are seeing today in society and its people, media has played a very critical role. It has good impacts and evil impacts as well. And Satan is using this media to impact society and people for his evil plans and it is quite evident what we see today in our day to day life, how; especially the youth is getting distracted and fall into all the sinful deeds and acts.

Television is one of the media which is a marvelous thing. We rely upon it for most of our information, news, and entertainment. It has also played a big role in the distribution of the Gospel around the world. We can all probably recall well-known ministers who influenced our Christian lives by the means of television, whether it be such personalities as Billy Graham or others.

However, today’s television technology is not something reserved only for the use of such big-name evangelists or mega ministries. The advancement of technology has brought the marvels of video production within the reach of the average church or ministry. This electronic medium is being used effectively by all kinds of Christian groups, both large and small, to communicate the message of Christ.

BGF thought of this and welcomed Shubhsandesh Television to use Television for God’s Ministry in spreading the gospel and awareness about the word of God, through messages, worship programs, testimonies of God’s people. This is intended to be spread the Goodness of God and its people to the remote unreached areas where word of God is unknown.

To this endeavor, BGF is coming live on every Sunday at 7.00 AM on Shubhsandesh Television with its Worship Time where people who are away from Churches can worship God together and those who want to taste God can feel Him through these Songs of Praise and Worship.


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