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Supported Ministries

Supported Ministries

Today BGF has reached to 12 States of India with presence of more than 140 Churches wherein numbers of Servants of God are working. Most of these Churches are in rural areas where people are poor with no substantial source of income to support their ministries. But they have zeal to work for God and His people; despite many hardships and limitations they are working with their best possible means.

God gave burden on us to support such ministries. And the God has given us the wisdom and a unique way to support these ministries. Instead of supporting Pastors, BGF is supporting their believers, making them financially stable and independent through its welfare programs including tailoring, cattle farming, chicken farming, education, computer training etc. depending on the qualification, skill and knowledge of a believer. Believing; once the believers are equipped; they in turn will support their church and the Pastor. This model operandi has worked really well throughout churches and yielded good fruits for the believers, pastors and finally the church ministries. We found this formula to be prosperous for everyone.

To support all such work BGF has been providing Sewing Machines, Cattles, Chicken, Computers, and Education to these branch churches and its believers.

There is no identified source of income for our ministries. All the above activities and ministries we are doing with the help of your gifts and offerings. We make all our needs known to God in prayer and share among members. The need of sacrificial giving is taught in the churches and members contribute their free will offerings. Identified persons or elders keep an account of the funds and spent for various needs of the ministry as well as for supporting full time workers.

We are planning and praying to serve more needy people especially the children and old age people; thru children home, old age home and adult literature centers. We do find financial limitations in continuing the above ministry so we request all of you to kindly uphold our ministry in your daily prayer and continue to support us.


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