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Gospel to Unreached

Gospel to Unreached

Matthew 28:19 and Luke 24:47 are key Great Commission passages. When coupled with Revelation 5:9 and 7:9, God’s intent for the extent of the gospel becomes clear. In both the Matthew and Luke texts Jesus uses the Greek word “ethne” to explain what a biblical “nation” is. The gospel is not intended only for every geographical/political nation, but for each ethnicity within every country.

The Revelation 5 and 7 passages give a glorious glimpse into the end-time reality of worship in heaven. The worldwide worshippers of Jesus will come from every “nation,” which is more fully defined as “all tribes and peoples and languages.” The unmistakable conclusion is that the elect from every ethnicity on the planet is the expressed intent of the death of Christ, and thus, every people group must be the target of the gospel.

Believing in the word of God, BGF strives hard in spreading the gospel to the unreached by helping these people through education, food and clothing, medical assistance, tailoring and computer trainings, free education etc.


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