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Kerala (KL)

The BGF Kerala Ministry started in November 2002 with three Pastors in the Leadership of Pastor K.J. Kunjomon.

Before accepting Jesus Pastor Kunjomon was living a life as per the rituals of his family believing in the world’s system. Once He fall sick and later declared dead by the Doctors. But the Lord has some other plan; the Savior gave him His vision and resurrected him from dead. And Pastor Kunjomon got saved by our Living God; Jesus Christ. Pastor Kunjomon has been blessed with many gifts from our Lord viz. Healing, Prophesy, and Deliverance, understanding souls and spreading the word of God. Since then He has been ministering in entire Kerala State along with ministering in northern part of India. At present seventeen Pastors are working under his leadership.

The objective of this ministry is to lead a pious and simple Christian life in total obedience to the Word of God; spreading the Gospel among people, helping the needy, to pray for sick and oppressed. Working day and night spreading the word of God and making people aware that the Kingdom of God is near; soon the ministry began to spread to various parts of Kerala, giving birth to many more house churches in the neighboring cities which has now spread in seventeen different locations of Kerala.

The BGF Kerala Worship Center is located at Mundathanam. Pastor Jayaraj P.K., the Secretary of BGF Kerala Ministry leads the worship.

There is no identified source of income for the ministries. No membership fee is charged and we do not rely on any foreign support. We make all our needs known to God in prayer and share among members. The need of sacrificial giving is taught in the churches and members contribute their free will offerings to their local churches. Identified persons or elders keep an account of the funds and spent for various needs of the ministry as well as for supporting full time workers.

God Bless You for your kind Support !!!

List of Pastors

  • Pastor K.J. Kunjomon
  • Pastor Rajan V.V.
  • Pastor Antony K.S. (Sinoj)
  • Pastor M.C. Jacob
  • Pastor K. Rajeev
  • Pastor M.A.Sabu
  • Pastor M.A. Saji
  • Pastor K.H. Peter
  • Pastor V.T. Joseph
  • Pastor Manoj P.C.
  • Pastor Saji John
  • Pastor P.J. Benny
  • Pastor Jayaraj P.K.
  • Pastor Haroon Jose Phillip

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