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Faith Statement

Faith Statement

WE have a firm faith in the fact that all the different writings in the Bible proved only one message that it has source in God and not in man. We have this faith that the Bible not only contains the word of God: it is the word of God. We believe that Bible is the inspired word of God contains in the full revelation of God. God created man for fellowship with Himself. He speaks to man in distinct ways through the voice of nature or creation. The Bible gives us God’s own inspired message. The Bible is a lively example of man’s practical day to day life. It is inspiring and teaches man to lead a life of righteousness.


God dwells in Trinity- Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is omnipresent and omnipotent. His divine grace is seen and can be felt in all forms of life. God is a spiritual substance. We see God’s essence and the reflection of His glory in all his marvelous works and creations. This fact has makes myself to constantly reiterate and state that the Jesus is the only true living God. As the Bible teach us about one God, I believe it.


Jesus, the son of God is the creator, redeemer and savior of the world. Jesus came into the world to show what God the father is like. He is visible representative of the father who in invisible. Jesus embodies the natural and moral and characteristics features of God through miracle of the incarnation, who took upon himself the nature and form of man. In this manner, he gave expression to the quality of God and communicated these qualities to men. Jesus said “Any one who has seen me has seen the father” (John 14:9).

As we think of the time Jesus spent on earth and how he reflected the father, may we earnestly pray that in the same way, we may reflect the beauty of the Son to others


Church is a community of God’s people whose relationship with one another are based on their individual relationship with Jesus Christ. After accepting Jesus Christ as our savior, we are coming to gather by faith into a new relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


WE believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. When He comes, He will take all saints who lived Holy life for the Lord in heaven for external life. With the second coming of Jesus Christ, many souls who were in communion with God, will arise to a new awakening. Matthew Chapter 24 is indicating us that the second coming of Jesus Christ is very soon.


WE believe in the eternal destiny of God’s people is Heaven, which is the Father’s House. In Heaven there is joy and life and ever more. Hell is the place where wicked people will be tormented by fire forever.


God created man as a perfect being flawless and free from sin. But man because of his disobedience becomes a sinner. God has established certain moral boundaries for man which we refer to us Laws. When man trespasses or crosses one of these boundary lines, he sins and he ignores God/s law. This sinful nature makes it impossible for people to please God. Not only do we suffer the consequences of Adams’s sin and the effects of the sinful nature we received from him but we also suffer the consequences of one own sin. The final result of sin according to the Bible is that the unrepentant sinner will have to suffer eternal punishment.

In the midst of despair, a light of hope shines forth. God has provided for man’s spiritual restoration through the death of His only son Jesus who became our substitute to make atonement for our sin.


WE believe in Holy Spirit the third person of the trinity equal with the Father and the Son. We also believe this age is called the Age of the Holy Spirit, which is preparing the Church for the Lord Jesus Christ. Through the Holy Spirit, God not only commissions us with a job but also stays with us and enables us to get the job done. More than this He takes up residence in us and gives us personal guidance, fellowship, comfort and enablement for all of our spiritual needs. The Holy Spirit guides us day by day toward a victorious Christ like life. The place and importance we give to the Holy Spirit in our life will determine our character when a bowl is full, it has no capacity to receive more. In the same way, the spirit distress to give us so much of His power and glory that we will be satiated to the core and will be unable to receive any more.


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